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The intention of the Technical Support team is to assist the USER in solving difficulties which may be encountered while using the
CardioCard® System. All installation, training, customer support and technical support is FREE and UNLIMITED via phone or live
on-line support for the life of your product.

In the event of an Operational or "How To" Question, the following STEPS are suggested:

  1. Reference the USER Manual
  2. Fax 315.676.4711 or email Tech Support
  3. Operational questions: 315.676.2346 or 866.NASIFFA (866.627.4332)
  4. Engineering/involved technical questions: 315.676.2346 or 866.NASIFFA (866.627.4332)

Our customer support mission is to provide professional, timely, complete and cost-effective telephone support for resolving problems
or questions related to the use of Nasiff Associates products.

To obtain live support, call into any of the customer support numbers given above. Hours of operation are 9:00 am to 4:30 pm EST
at our National Service Center, Monday through Friday, except holidays. Our systems department is staffed until 5:00 pm. Telephone
numbers are given above, support fax numbers are also given. We can be contacted via email 24 hours a day seven days a week.

We have a dedicated team of “Front Line” technicians that triage all incoming calls. If your call is a simple "application question", our
Front Line Team is usually able to provide you with an answer. If your question is more complex, they may have to schedule a call back.
If you are experiencing an emergency, they will immediately escalate your call to a “Back Line” technician that will take ownership of
your call until the problem is resolved.

Generally speaking, calls are returned according to the priority and in the order they are received. We make a best effort to return all calls promptly. Because of the complex and time-consuming nature of some of the calls received, we cannot guarantee a specific turnaround
time. If we cannot get to your call immediately, you will normally receive a call within 4 hours either to support your call or to notify you
that we have not had a chance to address the call and the anticipated time frame for resolution.

Non-urgent questions may be sent to Tech Support. Responses will be e-mailed back to the sender (unless otherwise specified) within
one business day. We do not check the e-mail in-boxes of support technicians in their absence. Therefore, do not send e-mail to individual technicians unless specifically requested.

We prioritize calls based on the urgency of the situation. Unless otherwise informed, we will use the following protocol to determine the
urgency of the call:

  1. System is down
  2. Employee cannot perform their work
  3. Month-end closing
  4. Program termination
  5. Insurance claim revision
  6. Questions or training over the phone
  7. Custom form changes

Many times we receive suggestions and requests to make a change to the standard system. To guarantee the integrity of the system,
changes to standard programs cannot be made ‘on-line’. Also, since changes to standard programs affect all clients, these changes
need to be carefully considered. We strongly encourage your suggestions and we track all requests, by product and client, for inclusion
in a future release of the software. We will make our best effort to respond to frequently requested or ‘urgent’ requests as quickly as
possible. Revisions to the standard system will be made under the following conditions:

  1. The requested change follows standard system conventions
  2. The requested change will only be made available as part of a standard software upgrade
  3. We reserve the right to make the requesting client(s) a beta site for new releases
  4. The time spent on programming, testing and documenting new features may be billed to the requesting client at our standard rates
  5. The revision will become available as an option to all clients as part of a future release

As a service to our clients, we can sometimes create customized user reports within the standard system when requested to do so.
These customized reports will be developed in-house then supplied to a client via modem, email or diskette. Optionally, a customer
may request assistance via telephone in order to customize their own reports; in either event a report noting an estimated cost and
time frame will be generated, and upon receipt of authorization, the task will be assigned to a support representative. Custom designed
reports may be made available to other clients at our discretion

Should you decide that your organization wishes to design and utilize a custom form or label not supported by our standard forms
utilities, our support staff will provide a cost estimate, and the estimated time-frame for completion of the custom programming, in the
form of a Programming Request Response
(PRR) or Work Order. Upon approval, the work will be assigned to a support representative.
Software modifications will customarily be made via diskette or modem, not on-site.

Your Service Agreement covers the following:

  • Problem resolution and answers to quick ‘how-to’ questions
  • Modem toll calls and emails
  • Periodic upgrades/enhancements to the applications software
  • User documentation updates
  • Invitations to company sponsored user meetings
  • Access to our most recent technical documentation and guidelines for the covered product
  • Assisting a knowledgeable on-site representative (client-designated) in diagnosing problems with the software
    (including third-party database management systems integrated with Nasiff Software and approved by Nasiff Associates)
  • Advice about configuring Nasiff software for maximum performance
  • Assisting a knowledgeable on-site representative (client-designated) in installing or configuring Nasiff software (including third-party
    database management systems integrated with Nasiff software and approved by Nasiff Associates) to our latest specifications
  • Periodic issues of Nasiff company newsletter

The Service Agreement does not cover:

  • User training (on-site or extended telephone training)
  • Custom software
  • Custom form modifications performed via modem or diskette
  • Any assistance related to the diagnosis and/or resolution of problems concerning 3rd party hardware, remote communications,
    operating systems, and cabling or network software
  • Problems caused by misuse of the program or lack of adherence to commonsense standards (improper system shutdown,
    failure to maintain system backups, etc.)
  • On-line database integrity verification; database repair/restoration
  • Support for third-party software provided by vendors other than Nasiff
  • Equipment relocation
  • Assistance with product updates. Routine updates are to be performed by the client. Nasiff will bill at its standard hourly rate if asked
    to assist with an update
  • Operating system upgrades including Microsoft service packs
  • On-site installation of software updates
  • Data repair and/or restoration; on-line database integrity verification
  • Tape Verification
  • On-site assistance

Note: the only on-site service covered under the Service Agreement is Nasiff application updates that Nasiff Technical Services chooses
to perform on-site

A major mission of SERVICE is to promptly assist the customer in solving problems that they may encounter while using the CardioCard®.

At this time we have established our main TECHNICAL SUPPORT ADDRESS is:

P.O. BOX 88, BREWERTON, NY 13029

Please feel free to call or write anytime for any special questions and projects. We welcome any suggestions you may have.

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